Friday, 12 October 2012

It's Friday!

Assalamualaykum... I had my driving test today and alhamdulillah I passed. The first time I took it, I failed miserably. Even the instructor was unsympathetic! Today, after a few challenging (is this the right word to use?) lessons with babah, I did it. Good job!!

 Went to the mosque for Friday prayer with the kids. Alhamdulilah for Allah's blessing, even in this small Midwest town in the US ( Columbus is really small with 40000 population) there is a small yet united Muslim community! Allahu Akhbar!    
 Islamic Society of Columbus Indiana

The kids are still on their fall break. And they are really bored! nak buat apa yek? rumah tak habis kemas lagi...and we are sooo not motivated to unpack all those boxes! Help!!

 Rindu Sheffield! rindu Malaysia!

 May Allah protect us from harm wherever we are Ameen!

 Speak soon. love xx

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