Thursday, 11 October 2012

How time flies!! everybody is so grown up now! and that makes me what? Old? yap, bang on! Soon, they' ll be leaving for college, inshaAllah. and how would that make me feel? sad? Happy? maybe both? not sure yet, inshaAllah, if Allah is willing, I might be able to say how does it feels when the time comes. Until then, I guess we are growing up and growing old(er) together.

 It's almost the weekend. There is an international fair in Columbus this weekend. Will share some photos (kalau pergi lah) if not, we are going to spend our weekend cutting the grass and blowing  the leaves off the sidewalk... a mammoth ( if I may say so) task considering the size of the yard!

 May Allah bless us and protect all of us from harm. Ameen!

speak soon
 love xxx

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