Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Today I received the much awaited letter from my Uni. Alhamdulillah, it brought good news. Ailong was happy too. Alhamdulillah...Thank you Allah.

Dear Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

we meet again

I am so glad that I have managed to hook up with many of my long lost buddies. It has been ages, 12 years to be precise. Many of these friends have secured well-paid jobs, some assume influential roles at Ministries, others have traveled around the world, a good friend has successfully set up his own company and many have been religiously teaching the younger generation to be aspiring leaders.

This reunion was unexpected, yet I knew somehow someday, one of us would do it, to become the string that binds us all. And my thanks goes to a lovely English language teacher in Keramat. Well done! And I continue to hope that many more of these friends, especially those who are lost and not yet found will be reunited.

Welcome back folks!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Interview session

Ijjou came to our house today because she wanted to interview the Malaysian children. I managed to assemble 13 youngsters (imagine having 13 boisterous children in the house) and the focus of discussion was on the group of teenagers who had been terrorizing them. These unruly yobs enjoyed tormenting and bullying the children wherever and whenever they had the slightest opportunity to strike.

Although the session ended when most of the children somehow managed to lock themselves up in the living room, the interviews went well...Alhamdulillah. Ijjou got what she came for. Ailong had to use his breaking and entering skills to wedge open the door.. Alas, all was safe...Fatihah was among those who got locked in, but I was not that concerned because I knew Ailong could unlock the jammed door. Budak2 nih, macam2 lah...sabar je lah.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

What have we been doing?

Nothing...nothing...nothing...the one week mid term break went as quickly as it came. We stayed home and we stayed home and we stayed home.That was what we did. Imagine how boring it was! And the feeling continues....

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Tag- you're it

I am surprised, well pleasantly surprised actually (ihsan's favourite word). I have been tagged by Nani. I have never done or received any tag before, so advanced apologies if I somehow fail to appropriately respond. Well, here goes:

The Who’s

Who Was The Last Person You Talked To? Ailong zul

Who Was Your Last Kiss? Ailong zul ahaks (turning bright red now, malu!!!)

Who Knows The Most About You? Ailong zul

Who Can Make You Laugh No Matter What? Not sure, but most probably Teehah kot

Who Can You Always Count On? Ailong zul

Who Has Your Heart? Chua @ ZY

Who Is or Was Your Favorite Teacher In School? None. I was the mischief maker.

Who Is Your Best Friend(s)? Lees, faiz, zu, ainul, cat, nadia, shin, kenny, fatma, zahra, irene and of course, chua...

Who Loves You? Ailong zul, my children (well sometime when they are not cross with me) and my family, I hope (*winks*)

The What’s

What Is Your Favorite Song At The Moment? Bubbly, Mercy, and Big girl don't cry

What Are You Looking Forward To? Getting a job!!!

What Is Your Favorite Color? It used to be blue, but now anything goes!

What Website Do You Visit Most? My blog and my Yahoo mail and of course, jobs.ac.uk

What Is Your Favorite Smell? Teehah, right after her bath.

What Is Your Favorite Movie? I am a romantic fool, so romantic movies lah like Just like Heaven and Nottinghill (Ya, ya I know, I suck!)

What Makes You Mad? Mengemas rumah- it's a never ending job (modern day slavery nih)

What Curse Word Do You Use A lot? &%$#***, &&^%%%!

What Kind Of Phone Do You Have? Nokia N95 (but secrectly wishing for an Iphone)

What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Believe it or not, westlife - pathetic ain't it!

The When’s

When Was The Last Time You Went To The Mall? The mall? - my memory fails to serve me. I do not remember the last time I shopped there. Btw, it's a luxury that I can't afford anymore.

When Did You Talk To Your Crush Last? Before he went to zzzland

When Do or Did You Graduate? Which graduations? I got loads hahahahaa (alhamdulilah!)

When Is The Next Time You’ll Do Something Fun? Who knows what the future holds...

When Was The Last Time You Ate or Drank Something? Ate Chua's birthday cake 3 hours ago, he turned 36 yesterday...happy belated birthday dahlingg!

When Is Your Birthday? I refuse to remember my birthday. I am aged concern!

When Was The Last Time You Went To The Movies? Harry Potter- the last movie

When Is Your Parents Birthday? Honest to God, I don't know.

When Were You In The Car Last? A couple of hours ago, picking Ailong from the Airport

When Will You Be 21? Next week!!!

When Will You Be Taking Your Next Vacation? Not sure...maybe during the Christmas break ho ho ho ho!

The Where’s

Where Do You Live? At home

Where Is The Best Place To Be? Kedai mamak 24 jam

Where Was Your Last Vacation? Malaysia...balik kampung!

Where Were You Born? Melaka, negeri yg bagi Shah Rukh Khan pangkat Datuk tuh. Terrer kan Melaka?

Where Is Your Best Friend? Sleeping upstairs!

Where Was The Last Place Your Were Besides Your Own House? Newcastle Airport Long Stay kapak!

Where Do You Think You’ll Be In 10 Years? Sending the kids off to college!

Where Is Your Cell Phone? On my study table (I think!)

Where Are Your Parents? With their Creator

Where Was Your Display Picture Taken? Kat mana yek? Farah yg amik gambar teehah tuh!

Achtung! Tot, myza, hassan, inafauzi, yazmin,- you have been tagged.