Sunday, 19 October 2008

Take a lesson

There is a lesson to be learned here.


We would like to congratulate

1. Pak ngah Hassan for tying the knot with mak ngah la (finally!). May your marriage be blessed with many happiness (insyaAllah). Tahniah pakngah! Don't forget to send the wedding pictures! Can't wait to see them.

2. Auntie nani and her family for the new bundle of joy. Bak kata Babah, berakhirnya satu penantian, bermula satu perjalananan.

And, we also pray that babah is alright over there...Take care. We miss you. And ermm ermmm please jangan lupa all the important jajans.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

A big thank you

Thank you Mak Teh and Busu for the raya card and the lovely kuihs. Iman was thrilled to bits. The package arrived today. It so happened that iman was off from school because he was poorly. So he was around to receive it. Perfect timing!

Thank you Mak Teh and Busu.

p.s the kuihs did not hancur, they miraculously survived the journey.

Eid mubarak

::Kad Ucapan Raya Percuma

We would like to wish a happy and blessed Eid mubarak to

Mai and Tok (Tanjung Minyak, Melaka), Mak long and Pak long (Pekan,Pahang), Pak ngah and Mak ngah (Setiawangsa, KL), Mak lang and Pak lang (Manjung, Perak), Mak teh and Pak teh (Bangi, Selangor), Pak tam and Mak tam (Selayang, KL), Mak andak and Pak andak (Seremban, NS), Mak su (Melbourne) and Pak su (Singapore), Pak ngah and wife to be (Melaka) Mak wan and Pak wan (Shah Alam) Pak sau and Mak sau (Sri Damansara, KL), Pakthe (Shah Alam), Pak sid (MRSM Muar) and to all our cousins (especially Kakngah Safinah)

Aunties, uncles, and dear friends in Bowburn, Newton Hall, Keenan House, Langley Moor, Gilesgate, Darlington, Teeside, Middleborough, Seaham, Leicester, London (Aunti Anin and hubby), New Zealand (Auntie Zuwati), Coventry (Auntie Dij),Kajang (Auntie Faiz), Gombak (Auntie Ainul), Temerluh (Auntie Lees)

UPM TESL class of 96 (you know who you are)

ELD and QLD staff, CELPAD, both at Gombak and the Matriculation Center, International Islamic University Malaysia

To all Muslims, wherever you are

May Allah accept our fast, forgive our sins, grant us mercy and wisdom. Blessings to you and your family.

Love from all of us here...