Monday, 15 October 2012

Ethnic Expo Columbus 2012


InshaAllah all is well!

Last Saturday we went to the Ethnic Expo in downtown Columbus.

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many different ethnics/cultures in this middle of nowhere. There were food stalls from almost every where e.g. China, Poland, Brasil, Korea .. 
Malayisa jer yg takde :((


Teringat warung warung kat Malaysia - shahdu!!!!

and of course there were live music and cultural performances!
Scottish bagpipes group

Japanese dancers ( well, at least most of them)

Live music ( not sure from where, possibly from Trinidad??)

Pak polisi pun ader - ni Sheriff 

Macam macam ada di jual

babah was checking out the delicious vegetarian dumpling

Then, at night there were fireworks!! Awesome!! 

Pastu we met Kas there and later went to her house for kopi and borak borak. Best! Alhamdulilah..

May Allah give us the strength, Iman and the patience to be good muslim, Ameen!

speak soon 

love xx

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